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6-11-01 - 23:30 GMT

Well, I decided to do more of a site than I originally thought! I have updated it quite a bit lately, so take a look around if you haven't already. Also, I just got my Forum up. Click here to go post something!
That's it for now. I now plan on adding some files, schemes, etc. So check back l8r...


5-15-01 - 19:00 GMT

This is just my very small site. I only made it so I could make some of my files public. It will mainly have some of my pics and also some Worms Armageddon / Worms World Party maps. I'll be updating it some, but it still will not be much of a site. If you want a very good Worms Armageddon/Worms World Party site, try Clan SFX's site . They are great for maps...
For right now... The site is under major construction.



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